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welcome to part two....

as wonderful as the Trihauler is, it suffers from a really big problem, it only have traction on the front wheel this becomes very evident in any kind of climp(even when not loaded) and for sure any time you have a big load, specially if is rearwards,,so you need to be extremlly careful to place the load as close to the front as possible

for the Gear geeks(like me) the TriHauler feature 3 diferent sets of gears.
First a convencional compact drive crank that can be chance by hand,yeah no post for the derreileur, then a multigear 8 speed cog like on any mountain bike all this run on a 3 speed nexus hub, i don't have the data to calculate the last rathio but i'm pretty sure is about 2' per stroke,,beleive me becomes handly on any climp with 200/300 pound of load.

well lets get right into the ride

the first turn was a little difficult but in no time we have it figure out.

remeneber what i was saying about "TraCtiOn" well the load is so far back the whole trihauler tends to lift (I know i know why do you lower it on the platform, well was not possible) here is were Danny the Mon
key boy becomes extremlly useful

second turn, you can see already mike have no Freaking trouble moving this thing, he is super powerful, remenber we are towing about 450 pounds some of that mass directlly on top of the trihauler.
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