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Originally Posted by kenji666 View Post
Not all New Yorkers are welcoming the bike share program:
Here is an evil comment posted at the Businessweek website:

"Why do I as a driver have to suffer? Why do I have to lose 20 PARKING SPOTS for 4 STATIONS within a 2 block radius. Why cant these be on the sidewalk and not take away precious parking spots. Is my 68 year old Dad who does construction supposed to take his tools on a bike? Is my 59 year old mother who is a teacher suppoed to take all her books and paperwork on a bike? I hope people steal and vandalize these bikes. "

So, Bacciagalupe, let's see what the bikes will look like a year later...

Some SOHO "artists" actually think their works were comparable to those in the Louvre.

Originally Posted by Steve B. View Post
Good point. How do they keep the tires inflated and what happens if you get a flat ?
See above website---"The tires will be filled with nitrogen for longer inflation. ...these big tires will prevent flats."

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