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^^ I can totally see that. There are a number of buff/fun runs at Whistler that I would not hesitate to slam the seat and rally on it. Would be very interesting to lauch some of the jumpier trails on something with more pop. Although I think I would get a second, 'thrashable' wheelset for said purpose.

Last week's Wed night XC race took us on a loop of the 24-Hour race course. Was alone once again on a new section of trail that bias crosses a head-high, about-10-ft-wide 'dike' of earth. charged across the flat and was able to throw a bitty whip off the lip. If the approach had a downslope, it's one you could conceivably gap the top to a backside transition, which would be oh-so-cool to do in an XC race . . . but dang I cannot pedal a flat that fast.
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