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New Yorkers always resist change, regardless of whether the change is positive or negative. Velib, the bike share program in Paris, had some problems with vandalism and theft during its first few years. It's now used by roughly 100,000 people per day, with a fleet of 18,000 bicycles.

Also, the media (especially the Post) love to play up the negatives, because it makes for better copy. They'll exaggerate every opposition, theft and vandalism specifically because it's a hot-button issue.

Originally Posted by vol View Post
So, Bacciagalupe, let's see what the bikes will look like a year later...
Several cities already have bike share programs. As long as the bikes are maintained, they'll be fine.

Some SOHO "artists" actually think their works were comparable to those in the Louvre.
Not really, it's that the DOT put a bunch of bikes in a spot that has been used for public art for over 20 years.

The good thing about the system is that placement of the kiosks is pretty flexible. If the people in the neighborhood and/or Parks Department prefer to give up a couple of parking spaces to make room for some public art, then the DOT ought to accomodate that request.
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