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Originally Posted by busdriver1959 View Post
If you google "NAHBS photos", you will probably find a number of North American builders doing similar types of city bikes. The prices might still be pretty high though. Good quality frames aren't cheap. Fixed gear frames from China would be cheap but wouldn't have fender clearance. A number of large manufacturers are putting out retro lugged steel but again, the ones I've seen are road racers with little room for fenders. A vintage 3 speed could be a good starting point but wouldn't be as nice as an 853 frame. The bottom line is, a large budget will be needed unless you can compromise on the quality of the frame.
Definitely a ton of interesting bikes on NAHBs.

Understand good quality frames don't come cheap. Are there a few custom frame makers you could recommend who would do a lugged steel frame with high quality tubing and leave room for fenders. Or wondering if someone has made a cyclocross frame that might be able to be retrofit to work.
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