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A week later, I've seen lots of people riding with their Citibikes and I have a few observations.

First, I see people riding in odd places beyond the limits of the program. This means that they are going to exceed the time limit but I suspect they don't realize that.

Two, I've been passed a few times by riders on Citibikes, so it is possible to get these things moving. However, they never keep it up for long. I've even seen some on the Manhattan bridge going up the hill and doing OK. The MB is probably the only 'hill' in the zone. I'll have to try for myself.

Third, the lights on these things are pretty pathetic. Putting on a light with a reflector and a lens wouldn't have cost any more than the row of LEDs that they have in front. Those LEDs, both front and rear, just aren't very bright. The bikes have dynamo hubs and could certainly put out more light.

Overall though, I'm seeing them all over Brooklyn and Manhattan within the zones and they seem pretty popular. I have a freebie coupon for a day's rental so I'll give it a try myself and report back.
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