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Originally Posted by valbowski1980
How much does a Rohloff Speedhub cost? Those things are amazing.
I haven't paid full price for one yet, but I usually see them advertised retail in the $900 to $1000+ range.

My first hub I imported from New Zealand at close to wholesale (~$600), one came pre-installed on a bike at just an impossible price (a manufacturer was having a cash-raising fire sale ~$1000 for the complete bike), and another I bought used (~$500).

So deals are out there -- but scarce -- if you're looking. Everyone who asks where to buy one I direct to eBay. Unfortunately, even on eBay they seem to be popping up with less frequency and selling for higher and higher amounts.

Actually, I guess that's a good thing: The Speedhub is being accepted and sales are increasing. 'Course, the weak dollar in Europe doesn't help us afford that German engineering, either.

And of course any time I switch to a new bike (this Iron Horse MkIII is the third bike this particular hub has been mounted to since I purchased it in 2001), I get to sell the entire derailleur-based drivetrain & rear wheel off on eBay -- "As New" -- which drops a few hundred more bucks back in my pocket that I wouldn't otherwise have. Sort of a Speedhub dividend.

I agree with you, the hubs are amazing. If you haven't checked out the reviews, here's a link: http://www.mtbr.com/reviews/manufacturers/2998/

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