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Yea, I was slightly suspicious about it being a centurion, as well, because something just didn't look right about it. Thanks for pointing out the headbadge.....doh! Certainly still could be a centurion.....just not positive what the heck model it is.

And yea, it'll might sell fast in Portland, Oregon.....anything nice that is less than 300 usually goes super fast in Portland.

Although, as you said, that size might be problematic. Took me forever and a good discount on the price to finally sell a pretty good condition 62cm Motobecane Grand Jubile earlier this year.

Originally Posted by wrk101 View Post
The way that headbadge is attached is obviously NOT original. So perhaps its a refinished frame (was not originally chrome), or it may not even be a Centurion.

Certainly chrome + road bike + barcons + red hot market = won't last very long (size is the challenge of course).

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