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Originally Posted by v1nce
Plus BF is alledgedly working on a machine that folds even smaller and better though i fear that one will start at $ 2300 or more... Any additional info on this one KoffeeBrown?
It was called the "TIKIT" and folded like a Brompton - there was a hinge on the main frame and stem. Was supposed to start at around $800-900. They had a picture of the prototype in a newsletter they sent me, but have removed that section from their online version. Was told to call back in the fall to check on its progress (I have yet to call because I'm losing interest). By the way, it's supposed to use 16" wheels (ETRTO 349). Note, however, there is a very strong bias against using anything less than 20" wheels on this forum, so caveat emptor.

You can see the color prototype pictures here, and she has more links to other pictures. (Hint: look at the bike Hanz is holding.)
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