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Originally Posted by FixxerUpper View Post
Does anybody out there still use solid axles?
Sure. While it offers little-to-no strength increase, the added weight isn't much to worry about either. Nutted axles offers a tiny theft deterrent, both in terms of removal and in making the wheel look cheaper.

Originally Posted by FixxerUpper View Post
Alright, I have a solid rear axle that served me well on an old 26" mountain bike wheel.
So why not leave it there? Axles are inexpensive enough. Hardly worth scavenging if it means taking apart an otherwise functioning wheel.

Originally Posted by FixxerUpper View Post
..I was wondering if my solid rear axle would be transferable to a vintage road bike
No way to tell, too many unknowns and too many variations on diameters and threads.

Originally Posted by FixxerUpper View Post appears to have an over sized rear axle hub (similar to the picture, though not identical).
Not having a pic of the actual item makes the guesswork even harder. But I've never seen an OS axle that would take a regular sized axle inside. You might be seeing some spacers though.
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