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T-Mar - thanks for the details. I'm looking at a Sugun 600 with a full group on it. Debating on what I'm willing to bid up on it to. It's local and will probably go look at it early next week before the auction ends. The frame is in remarkably good shape for it's age and the appears to be recently overhauled everything is very clean. The frame however may be slightly smaller than ideal for me, though as I was planning on commuting to school on it in the spring a slightly smaller frame (than my 62cm 'too big' schwinn) would probably be good for stop/go city riding. I've always like the look of theArabesque 600 group and with this bike sporting the full compliment I'm torn between persuing it regardless of what my pocketbook can allow and letting this one go and go for something else that may need more work / replacement parts as I have gathered a fair bit of spare components in the last few months of my cycling obession.
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