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Thanks gbalke,

Excellent stuff and photos.

You certainly have a good collection of "our" bikes. I must admit I never really knew that the English three speed had such a massive loyal following in your country.

I remember the Robin Hood and the decals.

I may well restore to original condition, maybe a different frame colour and more macho coloured saddle and grips .

Possibly just one concession though, alloy wheels maybe, what do you think? Although the ones on the bike are in reasonable condition.

My wife only got back into cycling a couple of years ago, then she had a nasty accident (not on the bike), broke her leg in two places, wheelchair bound for a few months, couple of operations and titanium plates.

I'm trying my best to convince her to ride again, but she is so scared now that someone will bump into her when out riding and damage her leg.

Maybe your idea to restore to original is the way to go, she may well take a fancy to its 70's charm!



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