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Originally Posted by bobotech View Post
Awesome, much cheaper than buying the 60 dollar kit at the bike shop.

Yeah, the more I look at the kit, I already have everything except for the actual fittings that screw into the ports. Its a shame you can't get just the brass fittings. I have the syringes, the tubes, and even a pile of those plastic click hose clamps. Hmmm. I wonder if I can get a small car bleeder screw to fit into the bleed port of the caliper? In that case, I already have all the parts necessary.

I have the syringes since I used them to bleed oil injection pumps on 2 cycle engines.

But then again, 19 dollars isn't bad for the whole kit.

Are your syringes threaded to connect to the fitting that attaches to the caliper bleed port?

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