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Southern ME commute to NE MA through Seacoast NH. 15degF, 2" of snow on the ground, snow still falling at a good clip, plows and salt trucks not even out yet.

Wife drove me to the bus station (could have rode, but didn't). On the bus looking out the windows there were more than a dozen cars spun off the highway. Dusted the snow off the bike and pedaled into work.

Dang. Soupy stuff at the shoulders and no idea where the edge of the road actually was had me riding in the right tire track cleared by cars. Meant that cars had to pass over snowy roadway to pass me, but f' 'em.

Only 3 mi biking each way today, but all the hallmarks of an adventure. First '14 bike commute in the bag on the second day of the year, this is already more commuting than I did last January.
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