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My recorded numbers were 3,530 and 177,480 feet. But that doesn't include 2 or 3 rides where I forgot to start the Garmin ( it'll happily show me following the route on the map, but never remind me to hit start), and a couple missing when I didn't recharge after the previous rides. Oh well, close enough.


Here's the first 125 posts that mentioned their miles (or km*.62) and their feet (or meters*3.28). Reports of miles without feet are on the X axis.

I did this pretty quickly, so there may be a couple of bad data points.

There's more riders over 10,000 miles than I expected.

About 50 feet per mile over the whole season seems quite common. That's the 45 degree diagonal line from the 0,0 point. But the riders over 4,000 miles tend to be above that line, more like 60+ feet per mile.

The flattest territory award goes to fmy906, with 3,052 miles and 8,068 feet. Wow, 2.64 feet per mile! EDIT--he reports below that 1100 feet of the 8000 were in one away ride!
Hilliest is robbyville, 3,546 and 284,311 feet. 80 feet per mile.
(The entry at about 2,500 miles with 325,000 feet is an error.)

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