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You-your body-isn't actually excreting much actual NH3- which as you know is EXTREMELY reactive-and toxic.
Your body makes a HUGE effort to scrub NH3 out of your system-converting it quickly to less toxic N containing molecules.

You are sweating out small amounts of N containing molecules-perhaps small amounts of urea etc
Bacteria on your skin-and the towel-are what are producing the NH3 odor.
It is TOUGH and maybe not a great idea-to kill off all the bacteria on your skin

You CAN croak all them on your towels-
Try microwaving them before use-wash them EXTREMELY vigorously-and microwave before use
Obviously make sure they are reasonably microwave proof-test them for a few seconds
I microwave my newspaper-when it is wet
When I don't watch it carefully-it bursts into flames-
so keep an eye on it

ps hot to very hot water cleans oily body debris-funcky stuff-much better than cold water-
you constantly shed cells-bacteria eat them-cells have lipids in them-stick to towels-
Cold water washing for towels-doesn't work as well-
Cold water washing is fine-for stuff that really isn't dirty or funcky-
So claims of cold water working-look true because the clothes aren't really dirty
And the washers spend sooooo much time agitating-ans rinsing-it doesn't matter as much

Hot water rinses the detergent away better also!!
In water restricted areas-cold water washing means more rinsing-wasted water.
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