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Titanium Swift frame, anyone interested?

My aluminium Swift is now 7 years old, still going as perfect as ever, but I don't expect it to last forever. More and more I fear the spectre of frame cracks. I haven't found any, but I haven't made a detailed minute search either. From what I learned about aluminium, it is just a question of time. And 7 years is actually not a bad innings.

So more and more I am turning over in my mind what to replace it with. One thing is very desirable for me, that is a titanium frame. But buying a titanium folding bike such as the Hasa F1 is not for me. For one, I am not sure about the ride quality compared to my near-perfect Swift. I could probably arrange a test ride but I am not really interested. Want Swift.

So I am talking to a titanium bike frame manufacturer, with the idea of them making a Swift-like frame in titanium. There are copy-right issues, so I intend asking Peter Reich about the idea. He might even be willing to furnish me with drawings, who knows.

This brings me to the purpose of this thread: Are there other interested parties? It may be that buying more than just one custom job would result in substantial savings per frame.

I have not gotten to the stage of a quote yet; I am guessing (hoping, actually) perhaps $1500 for the frame which would include a matching fork.

One of the items I intend changing is the top tube length. Current length is about 55-56cm, size medium. I really want to add about 20mm to that for a less cramped cockpit.

This will be a bike for the rest of my life. Perhaps yours, too? Let us see how interest goes. I am quite determined to go through with this myself regardless of other interested parties. I am not going to make anything out of this either. Cost price only.
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