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Originally Posted by jur View Post
My aluminium Swift is now 7 years old, still going as perfect as ever, but I don't expect it to last forever. More and more I fear the spectre of frame cracks. I haven't found any, but I haven't made a detailed minute search either. From what I learned about aluminium, it is just a question of time. And 7 years is actually not a bad innings.
I have nothing against your plan to have a titanium version of your bike - sounds like something I'd like to have as well. But I am skeptical about the idea that one frame material is inevitably going to fail and some other material will be immune. In normal use any bike frame is going to be subjected to stresses above the nominal fatigue limit - so given enough use it will eventually fail. But 'enough use' may well be more use than it gets in the lifetime of its owner, or it may fail much more quickly due to some flaw in the material, manufacture, or design.

My personal experience is that I've only had one aluminum bike (and it's not a folder) - a 25 year old Cannondale with 125 kmiles and no failure. OTOH, my steel-framed folder had a frame crack develop with only about one tenth the mileage of the Cannondale. Fortunately the manufacturer was very good about fixing the problem and got me back on the road quickly and at no cost to myself.
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