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Titanium can crack when it's welded incompetently (i.e, by an "artisan"). Aluminum weathers fatigue better than people fear; just look at all the B-52s and KC-135s still flying 60 years after their manufacture. Not saying one is better or worse. Here's MY wishlist for a Swift Folder (and why I don't own one):

1) threadless headset so I can remove the fork for efficient packing
2) splittable dropout to run carbon belt drive
3) disc brakes

Basically, I wanna Bike Friday Silk that isn't made by dirty hippies in Oregon. Which definitely also rules out the HPM Swift. And while it's not that I don't love BF's unironic use of the Comic Sans MS typeface (I truly do), everything else about their brand image makes me want to club baby seals, buy stock in Halliburton, and run straight pipes on my motorcycle. And they cost too much. Alas, the Silk ticks all the boxes for me feature-wise. Sigh.
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