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Originally Posted by Thasiet View Post
Basically, I wanna Bike Friday Silk that isn't made by dirty hippies in Oregon. Which definitely also rules out the HPM Swift. And while it's not that I don't love BF's unironic use of the Comic Sans MS typeface (I truly do), everything else about their brand image makes me want to club baby seals, buy stock in Halliburton, and run straight pipes on my motorcycle. And they cost too much. Alas, the Silk ticks all the boxes for me feature-wise. Sigh.
A couple of points:

1) Those of us that are taller (or shorter) than average find that Bike Fridays are a folder that fits very nicely. They are also easy to modify with Std parts, but that's another thread.

2) The comment regarding being made by "dirty hippies in Eugene" is the equivalent of someone saying they would never ride a Trek, or a Giant (or anyone of a number of other well-known brands) because they are made by "low-paid foreigners".

We ride Fridays (as readers can see), our daughter graduated from the U of O, and we owned a home in Eugene for 6 yrs, so we have a better than average knowledge of the city. Eugene is the 2nd largest city in OR (156,000 population), and while considered more 'counter culture' than many other places in the country, it is not simply a hippy enclave. Inferring that Green Gear itself is sort of a 'hippy-dippy' operation, ignores the fact they are a very well-organized and successful small manufacturing operation right here in the U.S.

[If by chance the OP is correct, he should write the U of O and suggest they dump their current "Fighting Ducks" identity and become the "Dirty Hippies". Not sure Donald Duck in tie-dye (yes, the Duck is Donald) would be the appropriate mascot, though.]

Likely this will fire-up some additional

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