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Originally Posted by jur View Post
TBH I dismissed the idea of warranty... maybe prematurely? I will contact them right now.
Thanks @mark03 for pointing out the warranty issue. I contacted xootr and they responded positively right away. I was forwarded to Peter Reich who said this particular vintage Swift frame was made from thinner tubing which could lead to the crack I have (and was posted by someone earlier some years ago). So he was adamant I will get a replacement, all good. I feel a bit of an idiot I didn't think of this myself.

On the titanium frame front, the company I contacted are all away at Chinese New Year now, so another week for them to get back. Peter Reich did give me permission for having one Ti frame built successfully, so if there were more takers, we would have to work through him how to swing that forward. He thought it would be uneconomical.
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