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OP, I used the Paterek manual to walk me through the design process and other specifics. I bought oxy-acct set, half sized from the big tanks for 500 bucks in 2000, drafted a frame using a yard stick, ruler, and triangle left over from high school, and built the thing. Put 20k on it before tearing the frame apart last year so I could fabricate a tube bender apparatus.
I am not a welder, metal fabricator, mechanical engineer or anything close to that. I was a teacher and bike shop owner.
You can do it, if you really want to learn by doing. Practice stuff is fine, but if you have sweated copper tubes, you can easily do this with lugs.
Watch some videos or read some stuff on line about heating the joints and you will get it.

Drawing the frame full size is important as it allows you to put your tubes up to the drawing to ensure lengths are correct.

One thing for sure, use Henry James BB and lugs. They are so very precise that there is little clean up of the casts to make them look nice. True Temper and 531 tubes fit perfectly in the sockets with no need to enlarge or shape the openings. Seriously high quality stuff that makes building real easy.

I have built 3 frames now and many repairs with the oxy set and have not needed a refill yet!

You can do it! Don't listen to the naysayers. Just Do It!

Fair warning: IT IS ADDICTIVE!

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