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Bikes: All-terrain cargo rocket

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I would be worried that bungy cord or anything that bends will work itself loose on bumpy terrain. I have been using them to tie a huge flashlight to the frame of my bike, but the light requires constant adjustment during the ride, so I'm working on a more reliable solution. Zip ties will stretch over time, but if you get really huge ones and use a lot of them, that might be one option. I would tie the crates not only at the top, but also to the diagonal parts to make the whole structure stiffer. The crates effectively act as levers of sorts, so I think tall and narrow is better than broad and shallow... Getting the weight of your cargo as close to your bike as possible will make the whole thing more durable. Someone suggested hose clamps, which are handy in the sense that you can tighten them super tight and they are practically indestructible. Of course the plastic of the crates themselves would be stressed right next to the hard and inflexible clamps, so you'd still have to divide the stress by using multiple clamps. I'd use folded pieces of discarded inner tubing under the clamps but maybe my logic is flawed. If you use bolts and wing nuts as someone else suggested, you will need washers (rather larger than smaller) under the bolt head and wing nut to distribute the stress. I don't know about the duct tape that yet another person recommended, I'd be worried about it stretching, and the glue failing. Sorry about not offering any concrete plan. What I've been dreaming to build for my own bike is something like a triple rack with one rack on top of the rear tire and two on each side, sort of hanging from the top rack like the crates in the picture, just with no sides at all.
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