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I'd like to go on an organized ride so I can try a longer distance 50mile or metric century and eventually a century but that likely won't happen until I retire. I can usually only get out for 2-3hrs on a weekend due to other commitments and that is generally a sunday sandwiched between 2 2-3 mile dog walks. So I'm not sure I could do longer distances but having a supported ride would be a big advantage I think (not need to worry about food/H2O bathroom etc).

I've also never done one and almost always ride completely solo. I've ridden my entire life riding essentially solo and I really am not very comfortable riding with a group of riders on the occasional time it happens. Usually when it does happen I either speed up a bit to pass them (if they are slower than me) or slow down so they get well ahead of me (usually not a problem if they are a lot faster but if only a bit and there are lights you can keep catching them at the stops) or change my route so I go someplace they aren't.

I have ridden with some other guys on rare occasion and chatted generally only for a short period of time but sometimes for miles and I certainly see the reason why many do but for the most part given my time schedule to do so regularly would be ...inconvenient
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