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Originally Posted by rdtompki View Post
... Now, I don't believe I was passed by any senior citizens (my demo), but probably not many seniors doing the Century.
You probably got passed by quite a few "seniors" and didn't realize it. Older riders with good technique and enough riding time that they maintain good fitness are almost indistinguishable from younger guys, unless you can spot the grey hair under the helmet. I've caught up with lots of riders whom I had thought were kids in their 20's, and was surprised to see that they were actually old guys. Their riding technique was so strong and solid that you just couldn't tell.

A lot of the old guys like to do gran fondos. These are like competitive century rides, where the entry fee is around $200, but in exchange, you get first class rest stops, well-marked courses, usually a timed climbing section with prizes, and best of all, the intersections are controlled by marshalls, so you can usually blast thru stop signs and run red lights with the cops holding up traffic for you. I think the average age of gran fondo participants is somewhere in the 50's. Most of the guys who pay $500 to be in the "VIP" group (you get to ride with the ex-pro whose name is attached to the ride) are usually successful business professionals with expensive pro bikes!

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