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Originally Posted by Shahmatt View Post
I have powerful blinkies for the front and back. But now I'm experimenting with a third light mounted on the front but directed backwards towards me, the rider. The idea being to illuminate the rider. I switch this light on to solid and low power (so that it does not distract me too much). I believe it has much improved my visibility to other road users.
I think the opposite. I want to be bright enough on both the front and the rear so that tomb drivers are not blinded, but don't know what I am. In my experience, if they don't know you're a bicycle/bicyclist when they first see you they are more careful. As far as they're concerned, it may be a car with one headlight burned out, or a motorcycle, and they respond differently. I wouldn't want them to know (at first, anyway) that I'm just a guy on a bike.
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