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Hey, Rick, the wife and I did TB last Sat also, the 100k route. It was OK; I always hate the slog between GHS and Uvas reservoir or whatever that second stop is because it's such a (relatively) big gap compared with the other stops, but we hear what you're saying. My wife actually said that the rides in the '80s were much more enjoyable than rides now because (as she says) there are folks who chat it up in the middle of the road and are oblivious to the ride-single-file rule even with a CHP cruiser sitting right behind them, and then there are the look-at-me poseurs/closet bike racers who can't be bothered by your slow pace. So I dunno where you were because I found myself riding TB mostly by myself, too. Well, towards the end, anyway. Oh, I just remembered a funny incident from TB; so I'm on Santa Teresa working my way back to GC and I catch a woman with a Tour of the Unknown Coast jersey on, so I say to her "Hey, that's a really pretty ride" (if you need a visual, think lots and lots of big redwoods) and I asked her how she liked riding The Wall. So she says she usually rides with her husband blah blah, and that she didn't ride The Wall because she rode the 100k (The Wall is on the 100 miler), blah blah, and so we crest a roller and we start going down and I just take it easy because I'm not in a rush but she just starts pulling away and then on the flats where she'd been slower she gets her second wind and pretty soon she's out of sight. So there you go, Rick, proof that this kind of anti-social riding doesn't just happen to you.
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