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Originally Posted by Piratebike View Post
I did. We only have a few LBS within an hour of me, one being a Trek store. I had to get them to order me a 520. It took months to get it. I never could find a LHT to look at or test ride. No LBS anywhere near me carries Surly bikes.
Kinda of a bummer....

I can have any of the LBS's order me a 58cm but it's kind of a roll of the dice... Do I choose the LHT, 520 or Fuji? It would be nice to be able to test ride them all 1st but I guess that's not going to happen...

Are they all true to size? My Specialized bike is a 58cm and if I have to blindly order it would probably be the LHT just based on it's reputation...

I'd hate to order a 58cm and find it's not true to size though...
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