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Originally Posted by madnez View Post
hi people
so i'm new to this forum and sorry if my english is bad, i just wanted to ask few questions because i just don't get it and it frustrates me like... ALOT xD
i'm a girl and i started with bmx 1 month ago and i tried bunnyhop alot of times and i don't get it what am i doing wrong. i can lift front wheel but i can't lift back wheel and my front wheel is only like half of second in air and it's just not enough time for me to ''think'' about back wheel and lifting it up. i've watched tons of videos on youtube how to do it, my friends showed me but i don't know what i'm doing wrong. when i try to jump, first step is that i've got bent arms and legs and then i pull front wheel and i'm stuck right here : if you understand what i'm trying to say... i can't pull bars to my legs and my stomach because my wheel is only half of second in air
you have time untill you'll get it.
just practice always.
i bought my new bike 2 weeks ago and i barely can bunny hop and when i succeed its like 20-30 cm only
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