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It's easier to first try on rear pegs, (if you have them) with these you mostly can just hold your legs on pegs & hold them to frame close as possible, then lift your front wheel up (it's easy as hell on rear pegs) & try to keep it up atleast for half a second. When the front wheel is up, pull up your legs (hold close to frame) & rotate your hands on grips to front a bit.

If you don't have rear pegs, then just try to get up your front wheel longer by being not on seat (ofc) & lean back with your body. If you can stay on rear wheel longer as you did, that's good. When your in air with front wheel, do same thing with hands & try pulling your legs up (not so much they'll fall off lol). No matter how heavy you have your bike, you can lift it.
It's quite hard to explain verbally, but I hope you got it (sort of). Try these tips & tell us did you archived anything
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