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that Fat Chance is pretty. i always wanted one back in the day.

here's my baby:

1991 Trek 930 SingleTrack

7-speed SunTour X-1, still mostly original. i bought the purple pulleys back when they were cool. even the bashring is 13 years old.

handlebars. the bars are actually older than the bike - i had them on another bike for two years before this one. SunTour X-Press Accushift Plus shifters, yo! hydro front disc is a sop to modernity.

still can't decide what i want to do with the rear brakes - leave as-is isn't really an option, 'cause pads are hard to find. been considering Magura hydros, but i'll probably just get a good quality canti or v-brake. need to get better pads though so i don't eff up the finish on new wheel when i put it on. i'd go disc on the rear as well, but i don't have the money to have a framebuilder add the mounts and get the bike painted, and i don't want to damage the bike with one of the hodge-podge adapter systems.

considering going back to a rigid fork, but i'll want/need to have one custom built (as i want to keep the disc brake). but i really want to be able to reinstall my front Blackburn rack as well.
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