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Originally Posted by jhota
that Fat Chance is pretty. i always wanted one back in the day...
back in the day! I still want one. There was one a while back on eBay, factory repaint -
on the downtube was "Fat F**king Chance". Apparently Chris had done one up special for the owner -
I ended up way not being able to afford it...
Originally Posted by jhota
considering going back to a rigid fork, but i'll want/need to have one custom built (as i want to keep the disc brake). but i really want to be able to reinstall my front Blackburn rack as well.
I can't believe how much difference there is in the DiaCompe cantilevers that I put on Patti's bike and the XT Disks that are on my current mountain bike...I usta trust my life to brakes just like those cantilevers every day! They look cool, tho, and are just a snap to set up...
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