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Originally Posted by dminor View Post
I don't use a cadence sensor...a HRM...Strava...clipless pedals...front derailleur. I just ride.
Osco Nods to dminor's wisdom :XD

I assume, 'OP' that you are just riding casual trails, the flats,etc.
Looking down at toyz will get you hurt, Don't even think about cadence, as said above just ride.

I'm not saying cadence is not Important, It's just that you need to listen to your body, your legs and hips will tell you how much
spin speed you need.
Running a fast spin can waste energy in the dirt. We call it, 'Chopping wood'... Keep some torque at the ready.

We do not have the safety and simplicity of pavement under us, Our rides are far more dynamic, so we must be also.

The Bike should vanish beneath you, should become part of you. Even If your wondering what gear you may need in the next 20 feet
your overthinking the ride.
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