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Guess it depends where you are and who you talk to, 29er's seem to have come and gone already, fat bikes are very niche, 27.5(650b) is being pushed as the next big thing.

For 26" with the amount of legacy hardware there is out there, wheels won't be an issue, full suspension frames will (are) become(ing) harder to find, but probably not HT frames.

With MTB's everything is currently very specific, you need a different bike for almost every type of riding, also remember that the push for these new wheel sizes is driven by manufactures wanting more sales; as everyone had 26" bikes, they needed to kickstart the market.

Give it 5-10 years and 26" will probably be back as the next best tire size, great for all the riders who have started in the time it wasn't being pushed. Not much is new in bikes, it's all a big circle of evolution.
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