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Originally Posted by corwin1968 View Post
Expedition touring/bike camping is really taking off right now and companies like Surly (LHT), Rodriguez (UTB) and Co-Motion (Pangea) are putting out some fantastic 26" wheel bikes that are specifically designed for this activity (Surly a bit less than the other two but the LHT is still capable). This might be the saving grace for high quality 26" wheels and tires no disappearing completely.
As I wrote, I use Big Apples, which are great, durable, cushy road tires. So I'm not really concerned about 26" knobbies, but rather 26" road tires. It seems most of the so-called "comfort bikes" still use 26", so that size might be safe for road tires, if not mountain bike tires. I just hope the 26x2.35" Big Apple continues to be produced for the foreseeable future. I'd even settle for the 26x2.5" Maxxis Hookworm, even though it's heavier and slower.
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