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How high you hop is based on how much you pull up your front wheel. If you only pull it up a little you'll be in the air for a second. You need to pull up harder and then scoop the pedals and push forward with your arms. At first pulling the wheel up is going to feel awkward. Ride down the street, 'pump' around, and send yourself off some curbs. Get your front wheel off the ground a bit so you feel more comfortable on the bike, trying to hold manuals and stuff. Once you get the feel of riding around, learning how to pull up off stuff and all that you'll feel more confident on the bike. So just cruise around and hop manhole covers, hop off curbs, onto curbs, until you can hop higher and higher.

Don't learn bunny hops on your back pegs its not the same idea as on pedals. However manuals are easy on back pegs and fun to do.

+how the post above this one says push down after your in the air, don't do that. Push up.
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