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This thread caught my attention on my way to the road bike forum, so forgive me for not ever posting in the BMX section before but when I was younger I had a hard time learning this too!

What I did:

Start with your pedals at 6 and 12 o'clock (one down and one up). Pedal hard about 1/4 turn until your feet are even while pulling up on the bars. This will get your front wheel a lot higher. Once you get the hang of getting the front wheel in the air, then it is time to work on the back. When you are comfortable with a high front wheel, you will have much more time to twist your hands forward and jump with your feet. Your bike should naturally follow.

It will take time to build the confidence and get over the fear of falling backwards when practicing for the front wheel, but that will all go away with time and once you start lifting the rear, there is no chance of going backwards! Now-a-days I can impress my old fogey friends by bunny-hopping a road bike into the back of my truck after a ride!

Good Luck!
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