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Di2 advice

Hey guys,

I must admit I have been getting sick lately of my transmission, the fine tuning to set it up perfectly, especially the ring shifting is a pain...

Anyway, I googles a bit about the Di2 and looks like it's not even as expensive as I thought it to be...

Now I have three questions that should be simple enough for anyone who has handled these babies in the past:
  1. The kit I am looking at comes with no EW-SD50 cables as they say. These are, per my understanding the standard electric cables that "connect stuff" in the Di2 paradigm. So how many of these do I need?
  2. The B junction usually mounts under the bottom bracket instead of the cable guide. My frame has that weird internal/not-really-internal routing... and no removable cable guide under BB,... Is it possible to cable-tie de B-junction under the chain stay?
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