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Sorry,... should have been more specific.
I am considering the Ultegra Di2 6870 w/ external routing. This one to be specific (hope I'm not breaking any forum rules by linking a commercial website directly...).

I need external routing because while my frame is made for internal routing, it only accepts mechanical cables as the spot the cables go in the diagonal tube are just large enough to fit a cable, possibly a thin liner but not an electric cable with its connector.

Thanks for the details about the cables. I will consider measuring precisely but is it that much rocket science? I mean, if I have ~5cm extra on one of the cables is it really bad to loop it somewhere to reduce artificially? (I mean, is it bad beyond the fact that it might be inelegant...)

Also, just a little wondering about your measures. I do understand these are educated guesswork based on experience, that are not 100% accurate since every frame is different, but the big picture must be right.
Therefore most of these figures make sense but I wonder:
- 700 mm for the battery? that is longer than the top tube! probably you have in ming the set-up with the battery inside the seat post but still, the cable only goes from the battery to the B-junction, right? how can it be *that* long?
- 500 mm for front mech? it just goes from the B-junction to right-above crankset, why does it need to be half-meter?

And thanks for the clarification over the junction positionning. Is it safe to say (I admit I exagerrate a little) that it can be put anywhere on the bike (though the BB/crank/stay/seat tube areas are preferred for obvious reasons) as long as I can safely plug all the wires and secure them to prevent any slack wandering in spokes or cranks while at 30 mph )

Anyway, thank you, now that it looks that nothing technically prevents me from having Di2, it makes me want it even more....
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