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To answer a few questions:
  • it goes down as low as 60 lumens and has several flash modes suitable for night time. The brightest modes carry "DO NOT USE AT NIGHT" warnings and he means it. This thing lights up an entire room bright enough to read by - great in daylight, probably dangerously bright at night.
  • As for the triple click turn on, you can change that, it's in the manual.

As an electronics/LED nerd myself one thing that I think is super cool is that the light is FULLY programmable. If you don't like the flash modes it came with, you can make up your own. If you want to use a different voltage pack, like 3/6 cell packs instead of 2/4/8, you can reprogram the low battery warning/cutoff voltages. I may not ever use these features since the flash modes it comes with are pretty good, but some day I may fool with them.
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