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Yes, I've had that experience a few times on commutes, commuting in a rainstorm with lightning strikes way too close. You get that adrenaline surge on every strike, and I won't deny some fear either. Castigating myself for taking a stupid chance. My biggest danger isn't even the lightning in those storms - it's wind, flood, trees and sometimes hail.

There is something to do about it. Trivial as it seems, watch the radar for a couple of hours before, one with lightning strikes also. You can know with almost certainty when a storm cell is moving through and when the gaps or lulls are there, and then be flexible enough to take the best shot. My advice from experience when doing this, don't cut it too close "racing" the storm

People will tell us that lightning can strike from 10 miles away from a clear sky, and that whenever you hear thunder you must wait 30 minutes to be safe. That's true, sort of, but it always strikes me a bit of fear-mongering. The chances of something like that affecting us are hugely, vastly smaller than a strike during a storm, trivial in comparison. Wait for the gap, then go.
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