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Originally Posted by KenshiBiker View Post
30/30 rule. We covered it in my last first aid/CPR/AED class earlier this month. If the it's less than 30 seconds between the flash and the boom, get to shelter; stay there until at least 30 minutes after the last lighting-thunder <30 seconds occurrence.
Yep, that's the rule. 30 seconds is six miles, and then 30 minutes more for it to get further away. It happens. Moreover, lightning from that distance is likely to be the positive polarity strikes from very high, which are greater in intensity and duration making them more lethal.

I don't tell people to take risks, but frankly I ignore this rule. If you are concerned about these strikes from a distance you cannot ride through the gaps between storms. You must wait until the entire system has passed through. I try to minimize risk but not eliminate it, looking for a balance between risk and practicality.
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