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Originally Posted by DTownDave22 View Post
-Roughly how experienced are you riding on the road (approximate years and mileage), particularly here in Metro Detroit (quite a large number of sq. miles I would say)

-How familiar are you with Google Maps (“classic” or newest version)?

-How many miles would you estimate you’ve ridden on roads with higher speed limits (40MPH and above) and 1-lane each way (with or without a left-turn lane)?

Honestly I would consider my road experience is minimal. I've been "riding" since I was a little kid but would consider my actual riding years to start in 1999. That when I get into biking as more then just a mode of transportation. As for mileage in actual road conditions, probably a few hundred. I'm mainly a mountain biker I have a ton more trail miles and bike path/bike lane miles then actual road miles.

Love google maps. Use it a ton. Even use it to make out Kayak trips. The point to point milage feature rocks!

Most of my road miles have come on 40+mph roads....mainly Eureka near the airport. I can't think of any that have come on just two lane roads.

I'm not concerned too much with safety. I have been hit before and had a few near misses. I've also been nearly killed in a parking lot while talking to a friend. So bad things happen no matter what you're doing or where you're going. But sharing roads with a-hole drivers is always a risk, thats why I went with the super bright orange panniers for my touring bike

I think I'm more concerned with the fact that it looks like the path goes through Flint......Michigan does have the open carry law though
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