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Frequency of riding alone

I know all the possible dangers and downsides to riding alone, and it's always recommended to ride with someone else when you can, but if I didn't ride alone, I'd almost NEVER ride. I ride alone 99% of the time. Aside from everybody's crazy schedules these days with their kids, work, etc. I just don't have very many folks to ride with(I know a bunch of roadies though…). And….frankly I should add, I LIKE riding alone. I like the solitude and quiet--clears the head.
I always tell the misses where I'm riding, and (most always) let her know in a timely fashion when I've emerged from the trail. I carry the usual ID, phone, emergency info, first-aid, plenty of water, and so on...

I'm still a noob though, and just wondering if I'm the norm, or do other folks really ride most of the time WITH someone else? I just don't see myself pulling that together, given the above (in particular my penchant for peace and quiet.

Just curious….
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