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Originally Posted by Shuffleman View Post
Wilfred, have you followed the post from the beginning? Have you looked at the picture that was uploaded?
I agree that the Rockhopper is a better bike than the Giant ATX or Revel. It is also better than the Fuji Nevada. All of them have the same front fork. The Giant Revel comes with the same Shimano Alivio and Acera mix Groupset. They both have Textro disc brakes. Even when new the Rockhopper is not even close to 10x better. It is slightly better. I would take the Giant new and put an air shock on it and I have a better ride for less than the Rockhopper just like that.
Of course that is beside the point. The OP has $480 to purchase a bike and was looking at what appeared to be a very scratched up used rental Rockhopper. Go look at the picture of that particular bike and then make your recomendation of what you would rather have. The frames of the Specialized, Giant and Fuji are all good frames. The groupsets are all similiar as well. Ditto for the forks. For $450 would you rather have that particular ragged out looking Rockhopper or a new Giant or Fuji?
If you look at the picture please tell us why you feel that that particular bike for $480 is 10X's the bike of a NEW Giant Revel, ATX or Fuji Nevada.
(Keep in mind that the Rockhopper is only $880 new. Unless you put an air shock on it and possibly upgrade to SLX I am not sure how it is even 2x the bike. New for the same price, I would go with the Rockhopper. That particular bike or the others for a new price and it is a no brainer)
You are right. I was exaggerating with the '1-X' comment. I apologize. Maybe 1.1X better than the best of the other bikes.

I saw the scratches and they will have no effect on the way the bike functions.
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