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Originally Posted by pbass View Post
I know all the possible dangers and downsides to riding alone, and it's always recommended to ride with someone else when you can, but if I didn't ride alone, I'd almost NEVER ride. I ride alone 99% of the time. Aside from everybody's crazy schedules these days with their kids, work, etc. I just don't have very many folks to ride with(I know a bunch of roadies though…). And….frankly I should add, I LIKE riding alone. I like the solitude and quiet--clears the head.
I always tell the misses where I'm riding, and (most always) let her know in a timely fashion when I've emerged from the trail. I carry the usual ID, phone, emergency info, first-aid, plenty of water, and so on...

I'm still a noob though, and just wondering if I'm the norm, or do other folks really ride most of the time WITH someone else? I just don't see myself pulling that together, given the above (in particular my penchant for peace and quiet.

Just curious….
I used to ride alone about 50% of the time. I enjoyed to quiet and being able to ride at my own pace. However, one faithful day I was "that guy". I had a bad crash and broke my collar bone into five pieces. It was late October, cold, no one else was out on the trail system, and it would be dark in about an hour (I live in Michigan and was out "training" for Iceman). The pain was excruciating and I was a long way from my car. I then had to walk out of the woods (pushing my bike) and hitchhiked to the hospital. My wife was not happy (she told me not to go alone that day ). I no longer ride alone.
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