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"He savored those few hours of freedom and solitude"

A breeze In my face,
Total focus on the trail ahead,
Must not forget to duck under that massive rusty jagged edge 12" steel pipe on Spider berm,
The bike begins to vanish beneath me,
I now hear only my breathing,
I'm going into the flow now, the rollers take no energy from me,
I'm pumping the bike without thinking about it,
My speed comes up, there is safety in speed, the faster you go the safer you are when your in the flow...

I seek only to master the, 'Flow'

In this I am smooth, I am silent, I am using no energy now,,,


Damn the single track suddenly ends !

A small group of riders sitting next to their bikes,
heads down, chests heaving, sucking water and spitting, flushed faces,,
Never get off the bike, rest ON the bike,,
Going for another lap

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