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Originally Posted by FBinNY View Post
So I guess that the vast majority of bicyclists are totally daft.

Nothing wrong with mirrors, but for my purposes, where I'm passed by hundreds of cars per hour, I can't make practical use of knowing that a car is coming up. By the time I can determine that he's not going around me, it's too late to make use of that info.

I'm aware that a mirror could be very handy when I ant to make a lane change to the left, but so far I have the ability to do that with a head turn. That may change with age, which is why I say so far.

Mirrors exist, use them if you want, don't if you don't.
Unless you commute in the suburbs where the cars passing you in an hour might be 20 -40. Big pickup with them really wide mirrors, give more space. Worst are the landscapers with wide trailers. Good to see those coming up behind you. They work for me in my situation.
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