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Originally Posted by Inpd View Post
Thanks. But the core of my question is: is it one lubricant (i.e. ProGold) for all those parts (brake cables, brake pivots, cogs, Crank, RD, FD etc)?
Chain lube is typically different than what you'd want for cables and pivot points. For example, ProGold works well as chain lube, since it does a great job cleaning, but dries quickly making it ill-suited for pivot points. Boeshield and TriFlow should work well for either application.

For pivot points, typically you'd want a wax/Teflon type lubricant to provide a long lasting protective film. Chain lube is a bit more religious and you'll get recommendations such as wax, motor oil blends, and any of the numerous commercial products. Chain protection depends on your riding conditions and style. For example, and lube may work phenomenally well on a road bike, and terrible with dust from a mountain bike.
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