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Originally Posted by bicyclebill1 View Post
The problem with the shop idea is that I am replacing the shifters that were on the bike when they put on the new derailleur. They won't install my shifters because I didn't buy them from their shop. So, If I get them to fix it, then change my shifters, I'll be back to where I started possibly. If I change my shifters, then take it back to them, they will blame the problem on the new shifters.

I have learned from dealing with all this. Next time, I'm driving the 200 miles trip to a Certified RANS dealer and getting it done right the first time.
Another lesson might be to but the parts from the shop. But I can understand why you didn't want to do that. Claris stuff isn't up to the same snuff as better levels of parts. Shimano's trickle down design/features manor has past by some of the Claris products in our shop's opinion. Still if properly matched up spec wise and well adjusted then used with the skill usually lacking in a new bike buyer (yes, that's not the OP's situation...) it will shift well enough. But when any of these aspect are not present that Claris suffers far more then many of the other levels. Andy.
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